Product Software Services

Genus IT Solution Software team has extensive experience to build and maintain products. Our leadership team was involved in development and implementation of banking domain products like Calypso, NICE Actimize. We understand the client as well as engineering mindset and needs towards product development.

We provide end to end product engineering services.

Product Development

Product needs to be designed and developed keeping server customer variations in the mind. Design needs to provide enough flexibility to client to implement their version of customisation and product design should be scalable in order to cater the demand of client.We work closely with our clients, we gain a deep understanding of the product, its functionality and the target audience. We can take care of the entire process or work with client team to translate concept into the product. As a part of new product development, we can help you:

  • Create prototype
  • Design and develop scalable, customizable product
  • Support continuous enhancements and quick releases

Maintenance and Support

We follow agile methodology and can help you with continuous cycle of enhancements and as well as regular maintenance activities. Our team has excellent track records of meeting SLAs and enhancement deadlines.

Billing Software Development

GST SOFTWARE ,Connect your bank account with QuickBooks to easily match your income and expense with your bank transactions.